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Dr. Cesar Linares Reviews - Dentist Reviews

Patient Reviews

Dr. Linares is the type of doctor who is gentle to the touch. I have had multiple extractions and cleanings over the years and Dr. Linares is really a delight. Going to the dentist used to be intimidating but now it's great. Thanks for making all of my experiences pleasant.

Lynn R. | Fresh Meadows, NY Patient Since 2005

Most people hate the dentist, probably because they've never been to Dr. Cesar Linares' office. He has to be one of the most delicate professional's I've been around. My mouth is sensitive to begin with and all the different procedures I've done with him have been painless. He explained everything beforehand so I knew what to expect. Definitely no surprises. Thanks so much for everything doc.

George M. | Woodbury, NY Patient Since 1995

Now I can smile with confidence. I needed various work done over the years and it has developed into a smile I'm finally proud of. Previously I had some mouth issues and Doctor Linares' office worked with me and consulted on the best path of action to get to where I needed to be to be happy. Now I'm definitely a happy customer.

William K. | Jackson Heights NY Patient Since 2009

Dr. Cesar Linares is the nicest doctor I've been around. He actually cares about you, many Doctors are all about the transaction but he's much more than that. Thank you for all the good advice Doctor.

Julio V. | Leesburg, VA Patient Since 2002

Thank you for everything Dr. Linares. You have truly changed my whole perception on going to the dentist. It truly has been a breeze going to you all these years. You're always so honest with my family and I. Thank you and good luck with your new website.

Susan L. | New Hyde Park, NY Patient Since 1998